Buying a property, be it domestically or internationally should always be fun. Yes, at the end of the day, it’s bricks and mortar, but whatever the reason for purchasing, it is, in reality, the realization of a dream, a personal achievement or a strategic investment decision.

That purchase may be a first home, perhaps a second / holiday home, or possibly a rental or pension investment. The rationale determines what properties we will show you, whereas the service we offer you remains a constant – professional and client driven at all times.

Casa one is owned and managed by people who are passionate about this area of Spain, who have made the same investment in their properties and in this lifestyle that you are about to do. We understand the market, appreciate local and international requirements and have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the buying process.

In truth we will guide you through the process and make it as fun and fulfilling as buying a property should always be.

OECD report

The OECD reports Spanish housing is undervalued by 26%, making Spain one of the cheapest place to invest.
With historically low interest rates the government attempt to attract foreign buyers since the Spanish market collapsed in 2008. Spain’s economy is slowly improving and property prices are showing signs of recovery of 1–2% annualy.

Golden visa for international investors and buyers

Buyers and investors in real estate market can receive a Spanish residency permit.
Golden visa allows to reside in Spain and travel throughout the EU and require minimum investment of €500,000 without financing which can be spread among several properties.

Spanish mortgage rates

Interest rate from 1.8% to 3%.
Fixed-rate from 2.4% for 15 years to 3.25% for 20 years.

Cost of mortgage and how much you could borrow

The Spanish transfer tax is 8% of the real estate purchase price.
You should allow between 12-14% of the total mortgage amount for closing costs, bank fee, a notary fee, registry fee, and assessor’s fee.
If you an official resident in Spain banks typically offer larger mortgages up to 80% of property value.
For non-residential, banks can lend up to 70–80%.

Applying for a Spanish mortgage

Before applying for a Spanish mortgage you need NIE number (identification number for foreigners).

The documents required to apply for the NIE:

1.Supporting document why you need an NIE number
2.Copy of your passport
3.Two passport photos
4.Tax form 790
5.EX15 form

The documents required to apply for the mortgage:

1.Proof of income
2.NIE number
3.Records of your current assets and existings properties
4.Details of your current debts and mortgages
5.Pre-agreement with the Monte Selwo seller
6.Proof of tax property which we gonna provide to you